Redi-Bag USA has a focused mission - to create the most satisfied customers at every level in the plastic packaging industry - a company that can act as a "one-stop shop" for the manufacturing and distribution of a diverse range of plastic bag products.

This mission is to be accomplished by creating simple, easy-to-use ordering and fulfillment systems while sourcing and producing plastic bag products globally, offering customers the best possible prices while still offering excellent service. Additionally, the company seeks to research and produce products with distinct competitive advantages.

Redi-Bag USA was formed utilizing a global strategy to source, produce and print quality domestic and imported bag products at the best possible prices. The alliance also allows Redi-Bag USA to offer an extremely broad line of plastic bag products, offering its customers potential administrative efficiencies by reducing the number of vendors required to obtain all needed plastic bag products.

The principals of Redi-Bag USA have decades of experience in the industry, and are seeking to set new standards for customer satisfaction by creating user-friendly interactions at each point customers come into contact with the company, creating systems such as online ordering, and bar-code scan shipment tracking, allowing customers to track the progress of their orders via the web. These systems are in the final stages of development.

The introduction of unique new product offerings establishes Redi-Bag USA as a product leader in the industry. The "Redi-Bag" is a new produce bag that the company labels "The world's only pre-opened produce bag on a roll." A plastic bag production breakthrough allowed the company to develop a produce bag that fluffs open at the top while still on the roll, eliminating a major source of frustration for consumers of produce in grocery store settings.

A second major new product announcement was "The Better Header," a header bag that is enclosed within an external sleeve bag, open only in the front. This breakthrough in packaging greatly reduces the likelihood of bags being torn off the back of the header bag package, a common occurrence in standard header bags, reducing waste and the liability associated with having loose bags end up on the floor. The front of the sleeve also offers point-of-purchase or co-op advertising opportunities.

Redi-Bag USA has also introduced a new line of bag stands, including a telescopic header/produce stand and a double-horizontal roll stand.

As Redi-Bag USA pushes into new frontiers with its customer-friendly systems and new product offerings it remains dedicated to supplying corporate consumers of plastic bag products with the broadest possible product line at the best possible price.