Driving Grocery Innovation: the Better Header Bag

In 2001, New York Packaging produced a header bag that is a huge improvement due to its innovative design: enclosing the header bag in a convenient pouch, which prevents bags from being detached from the bottom. Retailers everywhere know that when shoppers pull header bags from the bottom, it frequently results in multiple bags detaching. This not only wastes money, it can even be a safety hazard when too many loose bags end up on the floor.

The Better Header’s exclusive design utilizes an external sleeve to prevent this from occurring by making only the front bag accessible to be removed. This saves grocery stores money by improving yield, and customers are happier because it’s easier to use. Retailers also have the ability to use or sell the ad space on the sleeve front.

The Better Header Bag: What People Are Saying

“The Better Header bagging system works! Not only are we saving at least 10% by realizing no waste, we have also eliminated the liability issue associated with produce bags falling from the header to the floor. In addition, the quality of the print and the price are unbeatable!

It’s refreshing to deal with a company that has innovative solutions to the everyday problems we face in the supermarket industry. We are so impressed with the performance of your product that I am certain Fairway will be buying other products from Redi Bag in the near future.”
—Jerry Seybert, Produce Director: Plainview Fairway

Driving Grocery Innovation: Our Patented Redi Bag

New York Packaging created a product in 2001 that represents a new worldwide standard in plastic produce bags: the innovative, patented “Redi Bag.” This production breakthrough enables us to manufacture the world’s only true pre-opened produce bag on a roll. When the retail customer grasps the next bag on the roll, the bag gently expands open at the top, ready to be filled.

This product was developed for the retailer and perfected for the consumer. Finally, there is a system that dispenses one bag at a time, preopened—every time! No frustrated customers, no wasted bags.

The Redi Bag: What People Are Saying

A recent independent blind study with produce shoppers vividly demonstrated the overwhelming preference for the Redi Bag. Over 93% of those surveyed found the Redi Bag to be “easier” or “much easier” to open than other produce bags on the market today. They liked the Redi Bag so much that 83% were “Likely to Recommend” the Redi Bag to their grocer.

epi environmental, logoCustomers are becoming more environmentally aware than ever. That’s why New York Packaging proudly offers a range of plastic and paper bags and other packaging products that are fully recyclable. This helps reduce our customers’ contributions to the global waste stream and lessens the negative effect our products have on the environment worldwide.