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RediBagUSA has acquired the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for the Tug & Tote bagging system, essential to prevent cross-infection which is especially important these days.. Let’s see how it works!

Tug & Tote, a new way of dispensing single-use bags

Tug & Tote is a single-use bag dispensing system that prevents the bag’s exposure to external contamination. One tug and the end of a single bag is visible and ready to be dispensed.

The bags are folded inside the box in such a way that each one isn’t connected to the other so they are dispensed individually.
The Tug & Tote system is designed to be professionally integrated into the produce department.
Rather than having excess produce bags draped over the displays or left behind in carts, you can keep your store clean, avoid excess plastic waste and customers can be sure that their shopping experience is kept safe by Redibag’s Tug & Tote.

What are the benefits of Tug & Tote?

  1. The boxes give a nice, clean appearance inside the store.
  2. It is the most hygienic touchless system in the produce bag sector at the moment.
  3. Eliminates excess bags being pulled and trailing along the floor or above the produce case. 
  4. Because it is touchless, fewer bags are contaminated by multiple hands reaching for them.
  5. Bulk, meat; corn and greens formats enable merchandising throughout the store. 

Description of the products

Dimensions: 15 X 20, 15 X 28, 15 X 24
Gauge: 6 MIC, 7 MIC, 9 MIC
Film Color: Clear, Red, Yellow
Print Color: Green, Black
Case Pack: 4/900, 4/550, 4/500, 4/525
Floor stands & mounted racks are also available

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Product finder

The entire catalog of REDI BAG products

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