Why is it good to use reusable bags?

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Reusable shopping bags are the smartest way to carry goods for many reasons, as more and more laws mandate them in many areas of the world, especially in the US.

Reusable Bags can be considered money-savers, as many stores are charging customers for plastic, and sometimes even paper bags. According to a Natural Resources Defence Council Statistic, each American family uses 1500 plastic bags a year, a habit that costs up to $75 (considering the value of 1 nickel for one bag).

While that may not be a significant amount of money for some families, it does add up. If a typical family uses 6-8 reusable bags each time they shop for groceries at a cost of $1/bag and the bag is good for 125 uses, assuming they shop once a week, a reusable bag will last them two years for a savings of $142. The first year savings is $67 ($75-$8) followed by the second year savings of $75 .

Reusable Bags are more practical for your everyday life, as they have an ergonomic handle; they can hold more product which allows you to carry more/heavier items without running the risk of the bags breaking.

How many times do you need to reuse a shopping bag?

In general, one can use one PPNW Reusable Bag at least 37 times* to consider it as having a positive impact on economy and environment (*source: Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark). Note that most bag bans require PPNW bags to be used up to 125 times and transport at least 23 lbs.

To make it last longer, you can wash the Reusable Bags with soap and cold water or in the washing machine. Never put them in the dryer as this will break down the material. It is recommended to line dry your bags instead.

Which reusable bag is best?

The best economical and eco-friendly choice for Reusable Bags is PPNW (Polypropylene Non-Woven Fabric), a synthetic material that is strong, soft and can be washed without any sort of problem.

Who is the best reusable grocery bag supplier?

The most reliable partner for Reusable bags is REDIBAG. With 63 years of experience and over 20 countries served worldwide, we envision our products as eco-friendly, constantly minimising costs for our clients and cutting delivery times.

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Product finder

The entire catalog of REDI BAG products

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