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Seafood is an integral part of cuisines all over the globe. From fishes, crabs, lobsters, clams, caviar, and oysters to squids & octopus, the sheer diversity makes this a noteworthy part of many cultures. However, the wastage of seafood is a matter of concern, and what’s even more perturbing is that many of the causes can be avoided. 

According to reports by NIH, “30% of the total fish captured is unutilized owing to low-value discards, storage problems, and spoilage.” 

Proper storage and transportation of seafood are crucial to ensure the products’ longevity and reduce the possibility of spoilage. An integral part of this supply chain is seafood bags. Today, let’s learn more about seafood bags and how your business can purchase high-quality seafood bags so it reaches kitchens fresh & tasty!

What are Seafood Bags?

Seafood bags are bags specially designed to pack, transport, and store seafood items such as clams, crawfish, and the likes. These bags are often insulated, leakproof, and waterproof to extend the shelf life of the seafood and prevent spoilage. In addition, seafood bags prevent any leaks or contamination of both the seafood and the environment around it. 

How do Seafood Storage Bags Work?

Seafood bags are used to preserve the freshness and maintain the quality of the seafood. These bags come with many features that aid in this, as we have seen above. Let’s understand them better. 

Many seafood bags come with vacuum seals or ziplocs to prevent the entry of moisture and air, thereby reducing the chances of spoilage. Most of these bags are water-resistant, making them ideal for storing seafood for the long-term or short-term- it stores the food in a water-free environment while helping the seafood retain its moisture, thereby keeping it fresh for consumption. Since seafood emanates strong odors, most of these bags are designed to act like an odor barrier and keep your storage facility free from unpleasant smells. While freezer storage helps to increase the shelf life of seafood, it also comes with complications such as freezer frost and freezer burn. By storing the articles in seafood bags, you can prevent these and keep the items fresh for consumption.  

What are the Types of Seafood Storage Bags?

Seafood bags can come in different sizes and designs, and the kind you choose depends on the seafood item you wish to store it with, quantity, and duration of intended storage. For instance, we can broadly classify seafood bags as single-time or vacuum-sealed, or resealable bags that can be used more than once. 

  • Vacuum-sealed bags, as the name suggests, are used to remove any and all presence of water & moisture, seal the seafood in a vacuum, and extend its shelf life. These bags are more efficient in retaining the freshness of the food item and are hygienic, but they could be more expensive than normal seafood bags. 
  • Resealable bags come with easy-to-use opening & closing mechanisms such as Ziploc and can be used multiple times. These are more affordable but needn’t be as efficient as vacuum-sealed bags due to increased exposure to water & air each time it is opened & closed. 
  • Freezer bags are specially designed to be stored in deep freezers and extend the shelf life of seafood. More importantly, these bags ensure there is no freezer burn or frost. 

How Long Can Seafood Be Stored in These Bags?

The duration for which seafood can be stored in such bags depends on the type of seafood and the type of bag. For instance, vacuum-sealed bags can offer an increased shelf life and is ideal for items such as frozen seafood, which is made for extended consumption periods. A resealable bag could be suitable for items such as fresh fish or clams, which is to be consumed within a few days(2-4 days). The National Fisheries Institute gives some insight into the Seafood Storage Guide, both for commercial and individual consumption, based on different types of seafood. 

To extend the freshness and reduce quick spoilage, here are some tips that may be helpful for you:

  • For fresh seafood, it’s best to store it between 32°F (0°C) and 39°F (4°C) and consume it within a few days of purchase. 
  • Ensure these are cleaned properly, patted dry with a fresh cloth, and stored in air-tight containers. This may help to get rid of any bacteria that can infest & spoil the seafood. 
  • Frozen seafood can be consumed for extended periods and is best to be stored in vacuum-sealed containers. 
  • Label your containers so that the consumption is optimized and wastage is reduced. 

Are Seafood Storage Bags Odor-Resistant?

Yes, high-quality seafood storage bags are odour-resistant and waterproof. This is a vital feature for such bags since seafood items inherently have strong odors, which can be unpleasant, especially if it spoils. Seafood bags may come with additional layers that help keep the odor contained. Cleaning the food thoroughly and storing it dry can help to improve the quality & shelf life.  

Can You Marinate In Seafood Bags?

Yes, seafood bags can also be used to marinate food articles. Resealable bags are ideal in such cases. You can clean, dry, marinate the seafood, and refrigerate it. The marinate may also have better chances of infusing and enhancing the flavour of the seafood. A few things to keep in mind, in this case, would include the following:

  • Use a food-safe certified seafood bag that has water resistance and air-tight properties. 
  • Ensure to use a clean bag, and refrigerate it to prevent spoilage and any cross-contamination. 
  • It’s best to discard the marinate after the batch is consumed and use a fresh one for the next batch. 

What are the Benefits & Limitations of Seafood Bags?

Seafood bags come with many benefits and help the food industry to function more efficiently. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Increasing the shelf-life and reducing the spoilage & wastage of seafood items. 
  • Providing odor-contained packaging and transportation for seafood items
  • Simplifying transport and storage of seafood
  • Preventing cross-contamination of any kind 

At the same time, seafood bags are not free of drawbacks. Some of the limitations of these bags include:

  • Not all seafood bags are certified food-safe. It is necessary to work with a trusted seafood bag manufacturer to ensure your business gets high-quality seafood packaging supplies. 
  • Some bags are prone to puncture and, thereby, can leak. This results in cross-contamination which may compromise the quality of the seafood. 
  • Many seafood & fish storage bags can be hard to recycle. This results in the accumulation of waste and makes seafood bags less friendly to the environment. 
  • Not all seafood bags can be budget-friendly. Due to its enhanced features and design, certain bags, such as vacuum-sealed or Ziploc bags, can be expensive. 

RediBagUSA: The Best Seafood Bag Manufacturer

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer who can provide you with a timely supply of seafood storage bags, let us help you! 

Get the desired product and enable efficient transportation of seafood from your store to your customers’ kitchens. We understand how important branding is for businesses such as yours, so we also offer custom-printed bags that look truly yours. 

Types of seafood bags offered by RedibagUSA.

Our header seafood bags come with an open-wicket design making it easy & convenient to hand the seafood bags at multiple locations and use them easily. 

What’s more? Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified, so you can rest assured that only quality products reach your store at the end of the day!  

Rely on the Experience

With a complete and diversified selection of products, RediBagUSA is the company you were searching for. We handle the production, distribution, and logistics capabilities to serve some of the world’s largest international supermarkets and quick-service restaurants.

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Product finder

The entire catalog of REDI BAG products

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