At RediBagUSA we have reduced the amount of plastic in our products by 60%

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One of our main goals in the previous year was to reduce the amount of plastics in our products.

As a sustainable company, we always look into more environmentally oriented solutions, and to achieve that, we have to make difficult choices.

Why should we reduce the use of plastic bags?

There are several reasons why we should reduce the consumption of plastic bags. Here’s a list:

  • Not all plastic is going to be recycled. Starting from the significant number of 8.3 billion metric tons ever produced, a lot more than half (6.3 billion metric tons) have become plastic waste. Of that, only nine percent has been recycled*;
  • Plastic production requires a massive quantity of energy and resources that cause carbon emissions and global warming;
  • The plastic that ends up in the sea or landfills become microplastic, really dangerous for the environment and on the food chain.

*source: journal Science Advances

What is Redi Bag USA doing to contrast the plastic pollution?

As a sustainable packaging solutions company, we face the plastic pollution problem on the front line.

  • We worked a lot over the years to reduce to the maximum the amount of plastic in our products, and we can proudly say that we reduced the 60% plastic content on many products.

  • We converted the Deli Bags from .00125 LDPE to a .0008 HDPE, saving 64% of plastic content without Phthalates (a group of chemicals that can be very dangerous for our body).
  • We converted our vinyl gloves from toxic to recyclable LDPE hybrid gloves, without any Phthalates;
  • We converted from a standard t-shirt Bag to 60% post-consumer recycled to reusable t-shirt bags.

We will always try harder to do better!

We feel the responsibility to be models and take the right path for the future of the world. This is a start, and we will always do more to make our planet a better place.


Product finder

The entire catalog of REDI BAG products

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